GVIDO Foot Switch

Using your foot to turn pages on GVIDO, you can concentrate on the performance in situations where both hands are occupied.
When steppping on GVIDO Foot Switch the page turning rate is fixed so stepping hard will not cause any issues.
Designed for sensitivity and durability, the weight balance of the foot switch ensures it will react smoothly and not slip during use.
The foot switch can be connected to GVIDO wirelessly via Bluetooth or through a USB cable. The USB cable connection prevents disruption in an environment affected by other electronic devices or in the situation where multiple musicians are using a foot switch to to operate GVIDO.

The function of the three pedals on the foot switch can be changed using the foot switch sotware on your computer. (* 1) You can launch a set list and select a score through the operation of the foot switch pedals alone.

* 1: Windows and Mac OS compatible.

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